Mission (Im)possible: Breaking into the TOP 10 Countries ...

By 2025 - based on the 9 Pillars of the Global Prosperity Index, that currently ranks South Africa 68 out of 149 Countries surveyed

South Africa's Next BIG Idea


When I started the Future Leader Forum

two and half years ago, I had no idea that the insights generated from the 100+ Future Leaders featured to date are holding the key to solving some of South Africa's biggest challenges - such as job creation, food security, nation-building and inclusive growth.  

Thanks to the feedback received

from the Future Leaders throughout the four seasons, the time has now come to call for 

The Inaugural Future Leader Summit 

that will see the 100+ Future Leaders compete for

South Africa's Next BIG Idea

in other words, the ONE Idea that has the potential to propel the country to the Next Level

and take South Africa into the 'TOP 10 Best Countries to Live In' by 2025 (currently 68th out of 149 Nations measured

in terms of Education, Job Security, Economic Prosperity, and Healthcare

(ranked by the Legatum Prosperity Index)

by calling on 20 Future Leaders to each present their BIG Idea in a 

AGT (America Got Talent) meet TED Talk style presentation 

and then battle it out on the Battlefield of Social Innovation

 (themed after Emperor Shaka's Ideas Management Secrets)  

one of the greatest innovators the world has ever seen - 

as he not only reinvented the technology of his time to grow his empire 10,000 Times in 10 Years  

but also reinvented a new society that was built on the triangle of true equality, total meritocracy and full participation from every member of the community ... 

So, for now please think about

Your Next BIG Idea for South Africa and further details shall be revealed shortly 

Within the 9 Pillars of the Prosperity Index



Safety & Security


The Education pillar ranks countries on access to education, quality of education and human capital. 



Safety & Security


The Health pillar measures a country’s performance in three areas: health outcomes (in physical and mental health), health systems, and illness and risk factors. 


Safety & Security

Safety & Security

Safety & Security

The Safety & Security pillar ranks countries based on national security, personal safety and the security of living conditions in that country 


Social Capital

Personal Freedom

Personal Freedom

The Social Capital pillar measures the strength of personal and social relationships, social norms and civic participation in a country. 


Personal Freedom

Personal Freedom

Personal Freedom

The Personal Freedom pillar measures national progress towards basic legal rights, individual liberties and social tolerance.  



Personal Freedom


The Natural Environment pillar measures a country’s performance in three areas: the quality of the natural environment, environmental pressures and preservation efforts. 



Business Environment

Economic Quality

The Governance pillar measures a country’s performance in four areas: the rule of law, integrity of government, government performance and political participation. 


Economic Quality

Business Environment

Economic Quality

This pillar ranks countries on the standard of living afforded by an economy, economic inclusiveness, anti-monopoly policy, labour force participation, trade competitiveness and openness to trade 


Business Environment

Business Environment

Business Environment

The Business Environment pillar measures a country’s entrepreneurial environment, its business infrastructure, access to credit, investor protections and labour market flexibility 


South Africa's Ranking on the Legatum Prosperity Index

Pillar Rankings

In the Prosperity Pillar rankings, South Africa performs best on Personal Freedom and Social Capital and scores lowest on the Economic Quality pillar. 

The biggest positive change, compared to last year, came in Social Capital increasing by 3 places, whereas they dropped 15 places on Business Environment.

Visit the Rankings table to see how South Africa compares to other countries.

Find out how South Africa's rankings compare to other countries here

Ranked 68th of 149

 South Africa is 68th in the overall Prosperity Index rankings. Since the Prosperity Index began in 2007, South Africa has moved down the rankings table by 7 places. 

South Africa TOP20 Nation in Personal Freedom

The 2018 Prosperity Index ranked South Africa 17th in the Personal Freedom Pillar 

A few years before the release of Nelson Mandela, spiritual leaders from around the world assembled in a meeting to deliberate the future of planet earth. Unnoticed by the media, the guardians of wisdom came to one singular conclusion about the future of planet earth – that the next quantum leap in human consciousness would arise out of the country that was going to inspire a new meaning of freedom in the world ...

Inspiring the World

From America Got Talent to the World - what the Judges had to say: 

  • " You showcased the Beauty that you represent and you are giving so much Hope!"  
  • "To feel your authenticity and joy just coming through I felt you transported us to where you are from ... it was so beautiful, so magical!"  
  • "There is nothing more exciting than when people come from far away to this stage and you bring your culture and your life and share your talent ... from what you dressed, I love the colour and the sound" 

A Dream come True: The Story behind the Story

"We want to show the whole World that anything is possible ... Just because you are born into poverty doesn’t mean that you are poverty" 

The Performance that inspired the World