Co-creating the Future of Leadership & Fast-tracking Africa's Next Generation


1. Facilitate Conversations


To facilitate Conversations on what constitutes the Future of Leadership and how the Advances in Technology can be harnessed for the Greater Good of Humanity

2. Provide Rolemodels


To  harness Insights and Inspiration from Business Leaders that are key to guiding the next Generation of Future Leaders and provide Leadership Role-models

3. Unearth Stories of Inspiration


To  unearth Stories of Inspiration that can help future Leaders to spark New Ideas (such as Allon’s Shoe Story)

4. Develop a Global Community


To develop a Global Leadership Community that is built around the Principle of Reciprocation (i.e. where Members pay their insights forward to the benefit of the Community)

5. Unlock Joint Opportunities


To  unlock Opportunities between Members of the Future of Leadership Forum and leverage the Synergies within the Community 

6. Celebrate Hidden Champions


To heed Madiba's Call to Action "Let us commit towards our Common Goal, A Nation where all of us are Winners. Let us build a Nation of Champions!" and celebrate the Hidden Champions that make a Difference to the Lives of Others on a daily basis

The Future Leader Series

The Future Leadership Interviews


Selected global Thought Leaders share their insights into the Future of Leadership

The Future Leadership Book


The Future Leadership Interviews will be published in book format as a yearly series  

The Future Leadership Summit


The Future Leadership Summit will be held in Cape Town on 23-24 April 2020

The Future Leader Initiatives

The Future Leader Blueprint


Inviting 100 Leaders in South Africa to co-create the Blueprint for the Future of Leadership by 18 July 2018 (the 100th Birthday of Nelson Mandela) 

In an effort to jointly decipher the Qualities, Values & Characteristics that will enable future Leaders to tackle the big issues of tomorrow - both in business and society at large. 

The 100 leaders are being invited based on the following criteria: 

  • INTEGRITY: Does the leader have a high standard of doing the right thing? 

  • EXCELLENCE: Is the leader committed to the highest standards of excellence, i.e. leading their team and their clients to a better future? 

  • CARING: Does the leader care for the Future of the Planet, the People and the Next Generation (and not just the future of their business)? 

In association with Blueprints, the World's leading Think Tank in deciphering organisational DNA and Leadership Codes (who have previously assisted US President Barack Obama to decipher his Election Blueprint) 

The Future Leader Blueprint will be published in book format and electronically - to see an example, have a look at the Obama Blueprint)

The Future Leader Innovation LAB


Hosting the Future Leader Innovation LAB's with South African Leaders to find solutions to the BIG Problems of the Future - 

such as making sure that no child goes hungry to bed at night by 16 October 2020 (World Food Day)

 - at the moment, 2 million children go hungry to bed every night in South Africa

Applying the Disruptive Innovation Strategies of Emperor Shaka and elements of Design Thinking, the Future Leader Innovation LAB's will assemble twenty leaders from business and civil society at a time to solve problems that are currently limiting the growth and opportunities of aspiring leaders and youth development at large

Now that we have the technologies to solve the world's biggest problems at scale, all it takes to build a better future for the next generation is leadership 

These are the Future Leader Innovation Projects for the first three years 

  • 2020: QUALITY NUTRITION: No Child to go hungry to bed in South Africa

  • 2021: WORLD CLASS EDUCATION: Every Child to receive the best education possible through the new Technologies of Artificial Intelligence 

  • 2022: UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE: Thanks to the advancements of medical technologies such as neurosensors, to ensure that every child gets the best possible health care and grows up in an environment of health & wellness

View the Future Leader Innovation LAB Outline and the Future Leader Innovation MAP

The Future Leader Education


Teaching South African children the technologies of the future, such as coding, robotics and artificial intelligence - and helping to accelerate digital job creation

According to the World Bank Report, if the Digital Economy is harnessed fully in Africa, “an estimated 150 million new jobs could be created in this sector for young Africans” (WEF Report on “Shaping Africa’s Transformation”)

As we are entering a world where most basic services will be free (such as connectivity, energy, food, transport), digital skills education will be key to creating opportunities for the youth of tomorrow. 

Rwanda is leading the African continent in digital transformation. Since the year 2000, Rwanda has achieved the following:

• ICT grew at 25 percent, while the rest of the economy grew at about 7 percent.

• Phone and internet penetration is at about 70 percent 

• The country is well on its way to providing 4G LTE coverage for 95 percent of Rwandans by 2017

• Over 5,000 kilometers optic fiber have been laid throughout the country. In addition Rwanda

• is the world’s fastest developing country,

• has annual growth rates of about 8%,

• is the second easiest place to do business on the continent

• is the safest to walk at night in Africa and the fifth globally. 

Download the InfoGraphic "Accelerating Digital Job Creation in Africa"

In association with the Geness Foundation, the Future of Leadership Forum is proudly supporting the Geness Matric Physics and Chemistry Free Classes for Public School Learners (see the press release)

View the Geness Matric Physics & Chemistry Classes 2017 held at Wits University

and watch the video testimonials from the learners

The Future Leader Awards

The Future Leader Award Categories


The Future of Leadership Awards will be handed out at the Future of Leadership Summit, and be granted in the following categories: 

- LIFETIME Leadership Award

- MARKETING Leadership Award

- INNOVATION Leadership Award

- BRANDING Leadership Award

- NATION BUILDING Leadership Award

- PERSONAL Leadership Award

To submit a nomination for the Future of Leadership Award, please complete the nomination form 

The Future Leader Awards Criteria


These are the Criteria for the Future of Leadership Awards. Nominees need to 

- Have demonstrated a Willingness to share their Insights with the Next Generation


- Have been featured on the Future of Leadership Forum

- Have achieved significant Accomplishments in their Leadership Category

- Have become Role-models in their Industry to guide the Next Generation of aspiring Leaders. 

Nominate a Future Leader


Who would you like to nominate for the Future of Leadership Award?

Please read through the criteria for the Future Leader Award and select the category here

Most importantly, tell us why you feel your nominee qualifies for the Future Leader Award business

The Future Leader Alliance

Benefit #1: Outside Perspective


Often, we are too close to our situation and our business. If you are looking to grow and change, you need an outside perspective. 

Members of the Future Leader MasterMind will be able to see things that you miss and provide an alternative viewpoint that can benefit you — and your business — in the long run. 

Benefit #2: New Ideas


Not only can you receive outside perspective from others in your group, but you can also get new ideas. Learn more about certain subjects that you might need enlightenment on. 

Someone in the Future Leader Alliance might have a new way of doing things that you could benefit from. 

Also, you might have weaknesses in certain areas, and a member of Future Leader Alliance might have strengths. It can be helpful to consult with someone in your group to help you work through problems. 

Benefit 3: Networking Opportunities


The Future Leader Alliance can provide opportunities for networking. You don’t always have to meet in person for an effective group, but it does help to meet up once or twice a year. 

There is something about in-person meetings that build connections and help you focus a little more. These networking opportunities can help you reach new audiences as well. 

The connections you make through a mastermind can spread out to other areas of your business.

Benefit #4: Promotion


Going hand-in-hand with networking are promotion opportunities. You can work on cross-promotion with members of  the Future Leader  Alliance . 

You can help each other by providing publicity and social sharing to members of your own network. 

Cross-promotion not only provides you with entrance to a new audience, but it also shows your own followers that you are interested in bringing them useful information from other quarters. It helps you reach others while boosting your own reputation.

Benefit #5: Support


Successful business people know that they need good support systems if they want to take it to the next level. 

However, it can be difficult to find empathy in your own circle. While your friends and family might be somewhat supportive, they might not always understand your challenges. 

Being able to share with others who “get” what you’re going through and what you’re trying to accomplish can be a big help. 

The  Future Leader  Alliance   can provide that support to you, and help you remain motivated, even when things get tough.

Benefit #6: Strategy


Another great benefit of the  Future Leader  Alliance  is the chance to strategize. 

Whether you travel to meet with your mastermind (and the travel can be tax-deductible since it’s for business meeting purposes to advance your company) or you spend most of the time meeting virtually or over the phone, you have the chance to strategize. 

If you aren’t sure about the next step, or how to take the next leap, a good strategy session with the  Future Leader  Alliance  can help. 

The  Future Leader  Alliance  helps members to take a broad focus and then drill down, with each member getting a week for a turn. 

If you use the  Future Leader  Alliance  right, you can get good help with your strategy.