Future proof yourself today

How to Future Proof Yourself TODAY

Over the last 18 months, I have interviewed 100 Global Business Leaders 

and discovered that the number one Secret to their Success is the ability to build strategic alliances across three key audiences: 

1. Peers within their Industry

2. Innovators across different Industries

3. Global Influences and Philanthropic Leaders

It is through this that they have 

  • built their own Proprietary Networks of Strategic Alliances, 

  • appeared on Global Stages and 

  • become the Celebrated Leaders of our time and their industries.

But ... it takes one MAJOR MINDSET SHIFT - and the following 9 Steps to FutureProof Yourself TODAY

The Nine Steps to Future Proofing Your Business

1. Profile Your Target Audience


 Locate Your Target Market on LinkedIn 

2. Convert Your LinkedIn Profile


Convert Your LinkedIn Profile to a Success Story

3. Connect with Decision Makers


Connect with Decision Makers & Grow Your Referral Network

4. Set up Your Leadership Platform


Create Your Future Leader Platform (Industry or Profession specific) 

5. Interview Key Decision Makers


Invite Key Decision Makers from Your Industry for an Interview

6. Publish the Interviews on LinkedIn


and across the TOP TEN Social Media Channels - as well as on Your Leadership 

7. Transcribe the Interviews into a Book


Twelve Interviews constitute your annual Future Leader Book, including the introduction from your Thought Leader

8. Hold the Annual Future Leadership Summit


and  feature your Interview Guests at the annual Future of [Your Industry or Profession, e.g. Banking] Summit 

9. Arrange the Bi-annual Future Leader Alliance


and build community amongst the members of your Future Leadership Forum

Making sure you get all the Referrals you deserve

According to the New York Times, 65% of new business is generated through referrals - and customers are 4 times more likely to buy from you once they have been referred (Nielsen Research).

However, almost 80% of businesses do not have a Referral Marketing System – and there is a good reason for this.

Traditional wisdom claims that asking more times and following up harder will generate more referrals – unfortunately, this violates a fundamental principle of human relationships: the need to give first and to give unconditionally (also known as 'The Golden Rule')

In order to motivate your referral partners to promote you to their network, you need to turn the traditional approach to referral marketing on its head and approach it from a point of generating reciprocation. 

Thanks to LinkedIn, it is now possible to complete the entire Referral Marketing Process on LinkedIn - and generate enough referral clients to stop advertising

Watch the LinkedIn Success Stories & Testimonials

LinkedIn Success Stories


A quick 10 minutes that Darrel spent importing his Outlook contacts to LinkedIn yielded a chance encounter with a former client. One thing led to the other, and before he knew it he had signed off on a $1M project with his client. 

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LinkedIn Power Profiles


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LinkedIn Testimonials


Find out what Clients have to say about Dr Nik - at the live LinkedIn MasterClass and his Recommendations on LinkedIn

Bringing in New Business worth $250K through Q&A


Steven, a Senior VP at Ruder Finn Public Relations in Los Angeles, used LinkedIn first to find his current position, and then began answering questions on LinkedIn.

This led to multiple business developments for Ruder Finn, not the least of which was a a $250,000


Interview with Helen Nicholson, CEO The Networking Company